How does tire pressure monitor system help us?

Our vehicle runs on the tires. It is important to monitor their condition at the right time. Shouldn't we?

We all know our vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure monitor system. Let us take a look at how these systems work.

Tire Pressure Monitor Systems are of two types.
The first one is a simpler system that uses information from the wheel speed sensors of the ABS or anti-lock brake system and identifies a low tire.The principle is that a tire which is low on pressure will be little smaller than others.Moreover, this tire will have to rotate faster to keep up with proper tires.The ABS control module picks up the difference in the speed of rotation and will trigger the low tire warning light on your dashboard.This system does not give a detailed information to the driver. It says nothing about which tire is low on pressure, or if there is low pressure only in one tire.Then you see a warning light, it is advisable to get it corrected at the earliest.
The other type is a complex system which uses a pressure sensor in each of the tires. These sensors are part of the valve stem. They transmit a wireless signal to the receiver which is onboard.This system will display the tire pressure in each of the tires on the dash or Driver information center display.In case if the tire pressure is less than the required pressure, a message will be displayed or warning light is illuminated.

When such a message or warning light displays, it is recommended to check the tire pressure and correct it. The receiver should learn the location of the tire pressure sensors too.Once the tire is replaced or rotated, it is important that a relearn is performed so that tire pressure will be displayed correctly.
The warning light should never be ignored.It should be inspected at the earliest.The driver should be careful because there are chances that the vehicle handling might get a little affected. It is safe to pull over if something is noticed.
Sometimes it could be a faulty wheel speed or an error reading from the tire pressure sensor which has caused the warning lights to go on.It is advisable to get the system checked at the earliest so that the driver can be warned when there is actually a low tire.