Five Easy Steps to Change Your Tire

Simple steps to replace your flat tire. Next time, You do not have to wait for your friend or mechanic to come and help you out.

Many of us come to a point in life where we are stuck with a flat tire and are forced to get it changed. Consider yourself lucky if you find a friend who will help you with it. I was not. I was thinking the changing tire is going to be a lot of work.But when I researched a bit online and found these tips to change a tire, it became so easy and I wanted to do it myself. Let us see the 5 simple steps which will help you to change the tire.So this is what you will have to do.


1) Make sure you have a spare to change

Are you on a budget? No worries. You can get a cheap spare tire from junk yards.If you have a warranty, a local tire center can work on it or you can check online stores which provide cheap tires.

2) Check if you have the correct tools

You won’t be able to change the tires properly without a properly working jack and a lug wrench.For those of you who do not know what a lug wrench is: it looks like a plus sign, with three sizes that fit on the lug nuts and the last end with a pry to remove frozen wheel lug or hubcap.There are different types of lug wrenches available.

3) Change tires only from a safe spot

Ensure that you have parked your car in a well-lit spot which is away from the road. Make sure that you are at least an arm’s reach from the yellow line. Turn the hazard lights on, put the emergency brake on and keep an orange cone behind the car.
Make sure you pull off into a well-lit safe spot when you get your flat.

4) Time for action.

Place the lug wrench on the lug nuts and then turn it counter-clockwise. In case if they are stuck, step on the arm of the lug wrench and it will turn. If the lug nuts are below a hubcap, use the pry end and remove the hubcap first. Now that the tire is with a loosened lugs, keep your spare nearby. Place the jack in front of the tire by one foot. Fix the jack tightly beneath the car.Turn it and bring the car up so that there is enough place for the new tires to slip in.

5) Remove and Replace

Turn the nuts from the tire and keep them aside. You can now grab the wheel on both sides and pull them straight out. When you put the new tire, make sure that the holes fit correctly over the shafts. When you tighten lug nuts, tighten the one which is opposite to which you tightened previously. Upon completion, you can lower the jack on its side and turn the handle to close it. Don’t forget to replace the hubcap and use the lug wrench to bang it into place.