Do you text when you drive?

Keep your phones away. Drive safe. Be safe

Every day we all hear about deaths about people who text and drive.A recent study shows that 81 percent drivers accept to texting while driving.Take a look at these facts

  • If you drive at 110kph, it means you are traveling 100 feet per second.If you happen to take the time to send a 3-second text message, you could easily go the length of a football field without even looking at the road.
  • People who drive and text are 23 times more likely to crash than undistracted drivers
  • Driving and texting is more dangerous than drinking and driving.
  • MRI Brain Scan reveals that the area which controls the spatial awareness is decreased by 37% when a person uses his cell phone. Texting makes it even worse.These days any person you ask would accept that driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. People do that in spite of knowing the fact that it is risky. But nobody will disagree to the fact that it is one of the worst things to do while driving.Then why is texting and driving not seen in a similar manner. Shouldn’t that be made illegal as well.Countries like the United Arab Emirates have made strict rules restricting users from using mobile phones while driving.

    Friends please remember it is better to reach 10 minutes late rather than not reaching at all!